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Facts about GrabCAD:

Facts about Solidworks:

Things that should go into current process:

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Mech release automation

Suggestions: * for 2D Drawings * Set up templates in such a way as to minimize front-end work * Model-Based Definition (3D PDF) * This is a method of CAD model data output that creates a package that is highly portable *

Design Checker is an add-in for Solidworks Professional that allows for rule-based 'diff' operations on Solidworks drawings. Requires that an operator identifies the parts of the drawing that need to conform to standards (e.g. dimensions can not cross one another, can not be less than ⅜" from the model itself, etc.)

Currently, we would need a license upgrade to Professional to try this add-in. I might need to speak with a Solidworks Rep in order to determine if this is a good fit for our needs/worth the upgrade.

Additionally, Professional comes with a huge CAD Toolbox that has thousands of pre-built fasteners (which would speed things up - the operator would spend far less time searching McMaster for CAD files) Mech Acceptance/Conformance Testing

Basic Hardware Testing Criteria

Document here:

CAD standards

Solidworks models built for production purposes ought to fulfill the following criteria: